Showcase: Maskin 8225 Respirator Mask

Update 6/15/20 – Due to popular request, we are restocking the Maskin 8225 again and they will be ready to ship 6/29/20. Moving forward, the manufacturer has begun to strictly make the Benehal NIOSH N95 variant. The Benehal brand carries a higher cost from the manufacturer, meaning that after our Maskin inventory clears we will begin supplying the Benehal labeled variant, but with a price adjustment reflecting the slightly higher cost.

Dual-certified (NIOSH & LA) – NIOSH Test Report Maskin 8225. The only difference between the NIOSH N95 and the LA KN95 version of this mask is the labeling from the manufacturer. It is identical otherwise.

The Maskin 8225 / Benehal MS 8225 is manufactured by the CDC NIOSH Approved and FDA EUA authorized manufacturer Suzhou Sanical Protective Product Manufacturing. We took many different variables into account when procuring the Maskin 8225 masks.

  1. Suzhou Sanical is a manufacturer listed on the FDA EUA for non-NIOSH masks (Maskin Label) 
  1. Suzhou Sanical is an approved NIOSH manufacturer (Benehal label) 
  1. Suzhou Sanical 8225/MS8225 has dual certifications (NIOSH and LA) 
  1. Headband design provides a better fit than the ear-loop design 
  1. Soft inner materials for more comfortable wear over long periods 
  1. Cushioning on the nose for more comfortable wear and better fit 
  1. The same mask under the Benehal brand is a NIOSH approved mask 

Below is a comparison photo between the NIOSH approved Benehal MS8225 mask and the Maskin 8225. Both masks are produced by Suzhou Sanical and are identical masks other than the labeling.

Given all of the considerations listed and our ability to quickly provide these to our customers, we felt it was prudent to procure these masks. They are far superior to low quality KN95 mask that have flooded the market and we are proud to be able to offer you NIOSH-grade masks at a great price given the current going rate for NIOSH within the market.

You can purchase boxes of 20 or cases of 400 in our shop and get 2-3 day shipping anywhere in the USA! If you’re looking to purchase 1,000 or more – please contact us for special rates.

2 thoughts on “Showcase: Maskin 8225 Respirator Mask

  1. Dunton Francis says:

    Attempted to click the “large Volume” buy tab at the top but it would not re-direct so communicating via this channel. Need RFQ and lead time for 1MM, 5MM , and 10MM pieces N95 NIOSH approved (with HHS certificate) mask.

    • FACE FILTER USA says:

      Hello Dunton,

      Thank you for your inquiry. We’ve updated the referenced section to include “Large volume buys” as part of the redirect link to

      One of our agents will reach out to you via e-mail to continue the discussion shortly.

      Be well,


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